Home Inspection in Elbow Valley

A home inspection allows you to make an educated decision about your real estate. Rocky Mountain Home Inspections based in Elbow Valley is fully licensed, certified, and trained to perform a residential home inspection, a pre-listing inspection, new home warranty inspections, and home maintenance inspections. Once an inspection is complete, electronic reports are made available to you within 24 hours. Our user-friendly reports are digitally generated and organized according to the section of a house.

How a Home Inspection Report is Beneficial to Buyers, Sellers, and New Homeowners

• A buyer’s Inspection allows a potential homeowner to make an informed decision on a property.
• A pre-listing inspection allows existing homeowners the opportunity to address needed repairs, price appropriately, and be in a stronger position when listing.
• An 11-month home inspection allows new homeowners to save on unnecessary repairs which are covered by a builder’s warranty.

To schedule your inspection please contact us through our online scheduler or call/text (780)224-1151.