Home Inspection in Springbank

Rocky Mountain Home Inspections is fully licensed, bonded, certified, and trained in the province of Alberta to perform a home inspection. We follow a strict code of conduct, have completed thousands of inspections across Alberta and are recognized in good standing with the Master Inspector Certification Board as a Certified Master Inspector®. We know our work will provide you with all the detail and photo evidence needed, but View A Sample Report and see for yourself.

When is a home inspection needed?

As a Seller: Prior to listing your home on the market.
As a Buyer: To perform your ‘due diligence’ during your condition period OR prior to your builder’s warranty expiration date.
As on Owner: To discover what maintenance items should be attended to to ensure your home functions properly and safely.
No matter what position you are in, having a fully comprehensive report will allow you to make the most well-informed decision about your real estate investment. Schedule a home inspection through our Online Form or call/text us at (780)224-1151.